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Welcome to GPS Par Hoti Mardan. GPS Par Hoti Mardan was established in 1985 with the vision to provide quality of education to the new generation alongwith the inculcating moral and ethical values. A decade later we are able to provide English medium education to the students
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Government Primary School Par Hoti Mardan
Government Primary School Par Hoti Mardan
GPS Par Hoti Mardan, Pakistan
Contacts:  +923028180159

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Muhammad Tufail Khan


Peophet Muhammad (SAW) said " The ink of a scholar is more Holy than the blood of a martyr.Education is the basic need of our life.

It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome you at GPS Par Hoti Mardan. It is the first website of any Government Primary school in District Mardan. our mission is to provide quality education and to provide best teaching and also to encourage the students that they can face any hard challenges in upcoming life. we have highly qualified teachers. we are providing best education in a very critical situation. The objectives of GPS Par Hoti Mardan are very clear as under:-

1. To provide quality education.

2. To provide best professionals to the society.

3. To make the students good citizens, aware of their roles, rights and redpinsibilties in the society.

4. To enable the students to participate in the national development of the country.

5. To inculcate in students the feelings of brotherhood, sympathy, co operation and sense of sharing.


Muhammad Tufail Khan

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